These are succulent, rosette-forming, evergreen perennials giving all year round colour.  These very decorative plants are indispensable for the rock garden, raised bed, scree, dry wall or trough.  They originate in the mountain areas of Europe, central Asia and North Africa, often growing in crevices in the rocks. Although the plants have attractive flowers, they are grown mainly for their colourful architectural foliage. 

They are very easy to grow and need little looking after.  All they ask for is a sunny site and a well drained soil.

All plants are individually priced, wrapped and labeled.


Due to the  postal costs a charge of £4.00 per parcel will now be charged for UK orders. Orders outside of the U.K. will be charged at cost to me.  Please make payment via Paypal or send a cheque made payable to "MRS A EARNSHAW"

Plants are sold ex pots with compost removed.

I regret that I need to request a minimum order of 5 plants. The high relative cost of postage makes very small orders unprofitable for me and unnecessarily costly for you. 

Please make payment via Paypal or send a cheque made payable to"MRS A EARNSHAW"
You will be informed when your plants are despatched.

We can send plants to all countries within the European Union (EU) without the need for a Phytosanitary Certificate. Plants are sent by Air Mail and with compost removed. Please note that the cost of the postage and packing will be charged at cost.

  Product Product code Price  
'Grand Slam' £3.00
'Henri Correvon' £3.00
'Jade' £3.00
'Lucky Bell' £3.00
'Patens' £3.00
'Sylvan Memory' £3.00
'Tuxedo' £3.00
'Chocoleta £3.00
'Cimmanon' £3.00
'Coutanche' £3.00