These plants produce firm, tight, evergreen cushions with numerous small rosettes. The leaves are often small, sharp, stiff and narrow.

The plant flowers early in the Spring, some as early as February, and requires a well drained but not dry compost. Plants can be grown in a trough, scree, raised bed or alpine house.  Nothing looks so nice as a bed of Porphyrion Saxifrages in flower after a dank winter.


I regret that I need to request a minimum order of 5 plants. The high relative cost of postage makes very small orders unprofitable for me and unnecessarily costly for you. 

 As the cost of Postage & Packing has risen so much, I am considering sending out Saxifrages bare-rooted - especially to customers in the E.U thus reducing the weight and cost.  These will be damp-packed for posting. Will customers please state wether you wish your plants to be remitted in pots or bare-rooted .Parcels sent within the U.K. will be charged at £12.00 in their pots and £7.50 bare-rooted.

Please pay via Paypal or send a cheque made payable to "MRS A EARNSHAW".  Orders are sent on a "first come first served basis"

We do not send plants to countries outside of the European Union (EU) as this needs a Phytosanitary Certificate and costs again are very high. Plants are sent by Air Mail.  Please note that the cost of the postage and packing for the E.U. countries will be charged at cost.

I will send you an mail to let you know when your order is despatched.

  Product Product code Price  
'Marginata Notch' [Contact us for a price]
'Marpha Moonlight' £3.00
'Mars' £3.00
'Meteor' £3.00
'Miluj Mne' £3.00
'Monika' £3.00
'Mother of Pearl' £3.00
'Neride' £3.00
'New Europe' £3.00
'Oradour' £30.00