Closed until further notice.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic I  have stopped sending out orders, or having visitors to the nursery for the time being.  JUST A QUICK UPDATE FOR CUSTOMERS - I am hoping to be able to resume sending out orders at the beginning of September, but will keep you informed.

These plants can be kept on a sunny windowsill, in a conservatory, or greenhouse. They are best kept as indoor plants. Unlike other houseplants, you only need to water your succulents once a week.

Succulents are be kept above freezing during the colder winter months.  An ideal minimum temperature would be 5 degrees centigrade. Watering once a month is ample. Most need to be kept above freezing during the colder months however , ideally at a minimum of 5 degrees centigrade. Succulents can be lightly watered once a month in winter.

As succulents and cacti are sold in their pots, the postal charge will be £7.50 plus the cost of the plant.

Please make payment via Paypal.

Nursery opening ours will be 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

 You will be informed when your plants are despatched.